Recover Deleted Texts on iPhone 5

You can recover texts on most types of smartphones these days but no other developer makes it quite as easy as Apple does. As the memory increases, as does the chance you’ll be able to recover the original data, and the iPhone 5 gives you the easiest access to the memory while having a big storage.

Recover Deleted Texts on iPhone 5The upshot is that recovering deleted texts on an iPhone 5 is as easy as it gets. No phone model can 100% guarantee it since it’s so reliant on luck but it’s certainly your best bet. There is evidence to suggest you could even recover a deleted message from a iPhone 5 years after it was deleted.

So, enough waffle. Retrieving the message is possible but how do we actually do it?

Step 1) iTunes Backup

The easiest way to get anything back from your iPhone is by using the iTunes backups. Some phones need people to buy third party software and all that but the main software you generally use to load media (like music and photos) on and off your phone can also handle your backups.

this relies on you having plugged your phone up to the computer of course and the backup needs to have been made while the message you’re looking for was still on there. There are third party recovery tools, like TextRar, which can dig through for older backup versions but if you’ve noticed quickly enough then it’s likely you’ll still have the backup on the computer.

It shouldn’t really need explaining here. Plug the iPhone back into to the computer and restore the backup. If the backup doesn’t have the data or, more likely, you hadn’t made one in the first place we are going to have to get a bit more creative.

Step 2) TextRar

No messing around, we’re going straight for the big guns. TextRar is a third party tool, not owned by Apple, which scans your phone and recovers deleted text messages at the click of a button. It works on every version currently, including the iPhone 5.

You will need to follow their guide on recovering deleted text messages and booting your iPhone up properly by holding buttons in the right sequence. Then it’s just leaving the software to run. It’s pretty slow but it gets results so just leave it alone and come back to it when it says complete. It will show you a list of deleted text messages and ask which you want to restore back to the handset.

If it doesn’t turn up anything then it means the memory has already been recycled and there’s no way of getting it back from the phone. This is the best chance you have so make sure you give it a proper go. If it really isn’t there there are other things we can try, but they’re long shots.

Step 3) Carrier

You can contact your provider (so tmobile or AT&T for example) and ask them to recover it. I general they’ll only have to do anything if you come to them with a court order. But in some cases they’ll at least be able to provide you with a time stamp and the senders number which might be enough depending on your needs.

I’m yet to see a provider just give out the text details itself but you can always try. They might charge you a fee though. And it won’t be a common request so you might want to call a few times until you get someone on the phone willing to ask around and see what they can do. Remember though, most providers probably won’t offer to recover deleted text messages so don’t tell them Alice said you can. I’m telling you now – it’s a long shot.

Step 4) Sim Reader

Snake oil. For recovering deleted texts this is what people and shops always suggest because they want you it buy their USB reader. But this technology is very out of date.

It works on the same principle as TextRar scanning the memory. But it scans the SIM card. In theory that would be fine if phones still stored messages on the SIM but very few phones do, and no iPhone model will be default.

The only reason they’re included in the list is to warn you away from them. If you want to recover deleted text messages then you’ll need to look in the iPhones memory, or your providers server.